This Half-Term in Drama

This half term in drama has been an exciting one!

Being new to the school, it has been wonderful getting to know all the lovely children from nursery to Year 8. Each year has been covering something new this half term. In Pre-Prep, we have been having such fun looking at fairy tales, mime, learning about history through drama and building a story through drama! In Year 3 and 4, we have looked deeper into expressing emotions through our bodies, faces, voices and mime. The Year 4’s even used some masks to express emotion!

In Year 5, we have been modernising well known fairy-tales and exploring what could have happened if things were different. We have been learning about characterisation in Year 6 and how to change our voices and body movements to perform dialogues and form a character. It has been great to see how many different voices they can do! In Year 7, we have been looking at the role of the chorus in Greek theatre and working as a team whereas the fun and comical melodrama has been the focus in Year 8. I am looking forward to the next half term where each year group will be looking at something new. It has been great seeing their imaginations come to life.

– Mrs Bosman