This year’s Verse Speaking final was held on Friday 30th April. 

Special thanks to David Leigh, Head of English at Stonyhurst College for choosing worthy winners and giving encouraging feedback to all competitors  We are very grateful that he gave his time to adjudicate this year’s final. 

After much consideration, the following winners were announced:

  • Rafe  W – (Junior)
  • Freddie R – (Intermediate)
  • Tom B- (Senior)
  • Freddie R (Overall)

Our grateful appreciation goes to all the boys who have put so much work into learning and reciting their poems and to the staff and parents who have helped prepare them. Thank you to the boys who entertained us during the intervals whilst the Adjudicator made his deliberations.


  • Paddy O’N – The Dragon
  • Maxi M – Strict
  • Rafe W – Macavity
  • Dim A – Nonsense and Sadness
  • Daniel M – Hope
  • Ethan C – A Covid Poem
  • Henry G – The Sound Collector
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Watch a video of the final here


  • Joshua C – The End
  • Joshua L – Gravity
  • Alexander M – Love is like a Red Red Rose
  • Dylan K – Ode
  • Felix L – The Pig
  • Alexander LC – Touching the Sky
  • Oisin H – The Minister for Exams
  • Freddie R – The Revenge
  • Eashar S – Excerpt from As You Like It
  • Justin Y – The Road Not Taken
  • Bailey W – Have a Nice Day
  • Luca M – The Crow and The Fox
  • Tommy MJ – Rugby
  • Tom M – Excerpt from As You Like It
  • Enrique P – Sonnet 18
  • Sidney S – Hot Food
  • Rufus G – Excerpt from King Lear


  • Vyom T – Psalm of Life
  • Joseph C – Fallen Soldier
  • Tom B – Excerpt from Henry V
  • Eric B – The Gettysburg Address
  • Ayaan H – Death is Nothing at all
  • George B – Exploding Nuns
  • Dylan C – Fern Hill
  • Thomas L – Hot Food
  • Mauro M –  Excerpt from I Have a Dream
  • Artem F –  A Dream within a Dream
  • Marcus D –  Dreamland
  • Aksel H –  Sonnet 18
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Watch a video of the final here

Well done to all!

Poetry is what in a poem makes you laugh, cry, prickle, be silent, makes your toe nails twinkle, makes you want to do this or that or nothing, makes you know that you are alone in the unknown world, that your bliss and suffering is forever shared and forever all your own.
Dylan Thomas