Guest Room with a twist

Last weekend was St John’s Beaumont first-ever virtual Guest Room, with some of our boarders inviting their UK friends virtually into their own homes. 

This was a fantastic opportunity to get together and learn about our international students’ culture.

Each host family chose how they would like to show their house or took a guest to a local park. Some boys and families cooked a traditional meal together.

Here is a lovely account from the Seymour Family;

We all had a really wonderful time. Pedro’s family had arranged the delivery of lots of authentic Mexican ingredients, and we cooked and chatted and it really did feel like a family evening out, and brought back lots of lovely memories of Pedro’s company the weekend before lockdown and on the rugby pitch sidelines! I really do feel we have all made friends for life. Even our collie dogs had the opportunity to meet. 






Mexican Sauce Recipe from Pedro’s Mum;

Recommendations for buying Mexican food in the UK from Mrs Cortes and Pedro’s Guardian, Ana;

Cool Chile & Mestizo Mexican Market

Mauro and Francisco cooked and had a great conversation;