SJB Upper School boys gave Spielberg a run for his money as they spent the day capturing some exquisite short films

On Friday 10th March, One Day Film School visited St John’s and provided an exciting opportunity for the students to learn about the art of filmmaking. The program was designed to teach the boys how to make a short movie, from screenwriting to editing, and it was an opportunity for them to escape the classroom for the day and unleash their creativity, telling their stories through film.

The day started with an introduction to film, learning the basics of screenwriting and what role each filmmaker plays in production and post-production. This insightful presentation was followed by an energetic fight choreography workshop. The boys learnt how to make their own Indiana Jones-style fight scenes which could later be incorporated in their 10 shot film. 

After lunch, the boys split into groups of five and got to work on constructing their own short films, creating characters, and writing a screenplay that would bring their ideas to life. The production process then followed, in which the boys elected a director, producer, screenwriter, cameraman or actor. The instructors provided the boys with an IPad to capture the shots and allowed them to experiment with different techniques to see what worked best for their film. The boys made full use of our magnificent grounds, with the forest and ‘Fort Beaumont’ being particularly popular choices for filming!

Once the production stage was complete, the boys moved on to the final stage of the filmmaking process – post-production. They learned how to use editing software to cut together their footage, add sound effects and music, and create a polished final product.

The day came to a close with a Cannes Film Festival style screening, in which Headmaster, Dr Smith even arrived in his black tux! The boys were thrilled to share their work with their peers, and the atmosphere in the room was electric. The screening was shortly followed by the ‘Oscars ceremony’, where the judging panel then decided which team should receive the ultimate accolade: the Best Picture award.

And our winners were… Forest Massacre!

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