The Friends of St John’s Beaumont welcome back families old and new

The Friends of St John’s Beaumont warmly welcomes our wonderful SJB families back to school. For those of you new to the school we are a team of volunteer parents who work hand in hand with the school and SJB families to build a strong sense of community within the school as well as where possible endeavouring to raise funds for charities selected by our parents and school staff.

Normally at this point in the school year, we would be flat out organising a Welcome Back Friday event for you all – this event is traditionally held on the front field and is a simple format of bouncy castles/cakes/stalls for the boys and an opportunity for parents to have a cuppa/natter amidst the noise of the boys having fun. Sadly, with the current government guidelines, it is not possible for the FSJB team to hold events.

Our usual events include;

  • Welcome Back Friday
  • Cakes Sales
  • Discos
  • Dog Shows
  • Circus
  • And a myriad of other favourites

The FSJB team would like to reach out to you, our school community, to invite you to share ideas of how we can further build the school community by holding either virtual events or identifying ways the boys can maybe take part in something that doesn’t require any large group meetups. If we are able to able to raise charity funds along the way too that will be an added bonus.

To share your virtual events ideas for our community with the FJSB team please email: marie.mylchreest@hotmail.co.uk