Middle School Wellbeing Workshops explained

As part of their journey of discovery through the Middle School, the boys participate in wellbeing workshops with Vicky Otter (Wellbeing Coach) and their class teachers. Through Ignatian Pedagogy, boys explore their human superpowers and innate wellbeing, which develops emotional and spiritual intelligence (see below diagram). 

The approach taken in the workshops is one of reflection, allowing the boys to tune into what is true for them and to explore their ideas in their own ways. Based on the innate creativity we all have, boys are able to express their ideas in their own ways too, making learning personal and meaningful for them. This has a link to the Philosophy for Children approach to learning as it equips boys with an awareness of the learning skills required to develop a deep understanding. 

The focus of the wellbeing workshops has been to enable boys to build their self-awareness of their minds and their feelings, knowing that all feelings are ok, that they are transient and that new thought is always available. Through learning about topics such as these in a reflective way, the boys become more skilful at thinking independently and solving problems. This feeds into their success in their learning across all subjects as they are more confident to think for themselves, have a go, take on new challenges and know that they have the resilience and strength within them to succeed.

The workshops help build a sense of community within a class and across the Middle School. Boys develop socially through the activities, knowing that teamwork skills are vital for life. Many of the activities are done in collaboration with others. In this context, active listening and seeing different perspectives help boys realise their own role within the community, enabling them to discover the actions which underpin the Jesuit Pupil Profile Values. 

The wellbeing workshops contribute to the overall Middle School and St John’s culture of team-spirit, reflection, connection to God and leadership inspired by the Jesuit Pupil Profile Values. The boys are encouraged to become value-led, inspired and motivated learners, ensuring greater success in their academic studies, their game-play and their life. 

The school is regularly hosting Wellbeing Workshop for parents and you are warmly invited to join one of our next sessions.

Enjoy some photographs of the Lower Elements 2 Wellbeing Workshop in September:

Lower Elements 2 - Well Being Day - Sept 2019