About Us

Over a century of excellence. A future of boundless possibilities…


St John’s Beaumont Prep School boasts a remarkable history of excellence in education. This is a legacy of our Jesuit traditions and the principle of ‘Magis;’ to become ‘greater’. Our pupils and staff are committed to achieving excellence in life and learning through a broad curriculum and co-curricular programme, outstanding pastoral care and spiritual growth in service to others; resulting in well-rounded individuals who demonstrate competence, conscience, compassion, and commitment.

Compassion, Resilience, Confidence

Our pupils strive to go above and beyond. They grow their strengths and pursue new interests. There is no limit to what they can achieve.

At every step, the school nurtures pupils to be compassionate and resilient. This ethos develops confident young people who graduate from Year 8 ready to thrive at the most prestigious senior schools.

Universal Values

Every pupil at St John’s Beaumont is cared for; their personal qualities valued and nurtured in the school community. Our curriculum extends beyond traditional academics to give opportunities for children to practise the actions that underpin our values. We believe that all of our pupils are innately compassionate and resilient, so our teachers guide them to express this through acts of kindness, community service projects and a rich curriculum full of new perspectives.

High Performance Learners

Teaching in-side and out-side of the classroom at St John’s Beaumont is underpinned by High Performance Learning (HPL); a teaching philosophy that instils in pupils the cognitive abilities to become excellent learners. HPL embraces the mindset that everyone can become a high performer.

Our pupils become equipped to overcome life’s challenges and make the most of the possibilities the world has to offer. Pupils leave SJB with that boundless, ‘Magis’ mindset.