Boarding At St John's Beaumont

Boarding Life at St John’s: Fostering Compassion, Confidence and Resilience

St John’s Beaumont has a longstanding tradition of boarding, it’s an enriching experience, and remains an integral part of our school. Our boarding, academic and pastoral teams are committed to providing a nurturing and supportive home-away-from-home for boarders.

Boarding at St John’s gives pupils the opportunity to build confidence and independence, preparing them for the challenges that lie ahead, particularly those moving on to senior boarding schools.

Tailored for Individual Growth

Our original accommodations, sympathetically modernised, offer greater comfort and practicality, ensuring each boarder has their private space for sleep, study and relaxation.

There are two dormitories, thoughtfully divided, each catering to specific age groups. Senior boarders find their home in Southwell dormitory, while Morse dormitory welcomes younger children. This arrangement, with a little bit of Harry Potter magic, not only respects individual needs of pupils but also fosters a sense of community and camaraderie.

Building Bonds and Role Models

Boarders spend significant time together. Older boarders often assume the role of mentors, embodying the values of compassion, resilience, and confidence. This mentorship dynamic creates a supportive atmosphere, contributing to the holistic development of each boy. Boarders play an active role in the whole school community and have the opportunity to be part of the Boarder’s Council, sharing their thoughts and ideas.

An Enriching Experience

At the end of the school day, the facilities become the boarder’s own living space! Weekend and evening routines are a highlight of the boarding experience at St John’s.

Our boarders have access to their own common room with video games, air-hockey and a pool table, as well as the swimming pool, climbing wall, sports hall and gym.

Boarder’s make the most of our grounds, too, with weekend campfires in the woods and many other adventures. The weekend programme for full boarders is carefully curated to give the pupils time to rest and relax as well as spend time together and experience different types of activities and experiences from museums to theme parks.


Does St John’s Beaumont accept international boarders?

Yes, approximately half of all boarders are full boarders whose families reside abroad.

Are there classes on Saturdays?

No, on the weekends our boarders enjoy more free time to relax following a busy week!

Saturday mornings often include breakfast in pyjamas followed by time in the dormitories, common room or Sports Hall. On Sundays, fun activities and outings are planned from shopping trips to bowling, museums to mini-golf.

What is the policy around personal devices?

Most pupils will bring either a phone or ipad for personal use. These devices are kept in locked cabinets with a charging facility.

Boarders are allowed their devices for 30mins twice per week so that they can phone home. Full boarders are allowed additional time on the weekends.

What happens if my child is homesick or ill?

The school has a Heathcare team including nurses and first-aiders and provide a high level of care to our boarders. They support the boarders to be as happy and healthy as possible by advising on healthy eating and dental care and ensuring prescribed medication is taken correctly.

The nurse is available to boarders 24 hours a day when school is open, including at weekends. Sometimes unwell boarders are looked after in the Infirmary. The School Doctor can be contacted at any time if the nurse deems it necessary.

Our Residential Matron and wider boarding team are always on hand to comfort and help boarders who are feeling homesick or worried.

What does my child need to bring from home?

In addition to the uniform and boarding requirements, your child is encouraged to bring a few things from home to decorate their cubicle and make the space their own. This may include pictures or posters from home or a soft toy.

Boarding, as it turns out, was far beyond his (and my) expectations, to the point that he has listed it up there with some of his life-highlights of the past years. I believe that the right balance of care and independence, together with what has become a lovely group of friends and a sound leadership, has really brought his confidence up and made him a very happy boy who is lo longer afraid of trying new experiences.
SJB Parent, 2023