House System

The House system at St. John’s is made up of three houses known as Animals respectively: Tigers, Yaks and Emus (TYE). 

Pupils are mixed evenly between the Animals regardless of form-group or boarding status; the Animal system mainly governs the scoring of TYEs (similar to Merit points) and Inter-Animal events in a wider range of sports and disciplines.

TYEs are the points awarded for effort, achievement or commendable action.  Each child carries with them a TYE card on which points for work or helpfulness are recorded and collated at the end of the week in his Animal Meeting.

Each Animal house has a Year 8 “Animal Captain” and teacher “Animal Leader” who lead the Animal’s efforts in the TYE competition – a fiercely contested event conducted over the year, where all of an Animal’s TYEs are amassed and compared.

TYEs are also gained for Inter-Animal events where students compete against each other in contests including; General Knowledge, Music, Sports Day, Rugby, Football, Cricket and Singing.

The Animal System is an important part of the Pastoral system at St. John’s.  Every teacher is allocated to an Animal and helps the Animal leader monitor and encourage the progress of each child.  The Animal leader is an important figure to whom students can turn to for support and advice.  The Animal Leader also has an important motivational role to play and helps link the top year of our school with the others.