Boarding Pastoral Care

Boarding Parents

Boarding parents are on hand before and after school, during the evenings and overnight to provide care and support our boarders. Just as parents would at home, our boarding parents remind the boarders to keep their cubicle neat and tidy, get their homework done and teeth brushed!

Underpinning their role is the belief the boarders have should access to staff who are not teachers and with whom they can share their thoughts and problems, especially if they cannot talk to their parents at that time.

Boarding staff help the boarders find strategies for dealing with homesickness. We provide a warm, relaxed and comfortable environment whilst encouraging the standards of behaviour you would wish at home.

We aim to treat your children as we would like our own to be treated. We also know that boarding can sometimes be harder for parents than boys and are very happy to be contacted with any queries or concerns, no matter how small

Health care

St John’s Beaumont employs two Registered Nurses to oversee the medical needs of boarders. Our school nurses provide a 24 hour, seven days a week service, either on-site or on-call from home, ensuring medications are given as prescribed and assessing and treating injuries and symptoms of illness. Our school nurses also support members of the boarding team to administer first aid, medication and care under our direction.

Our nurses aim to provide the highest standard of care to your child if they are unwell and to help prevent ill health, assisting the boarders with their personal and dental hygiene each morning and help them make healthy choices when dining.

Weekly and Full Boarders will be registered with the school doctor, Dr Adrian Hayter. Dr Hayter is based at a local surgery in Old Windsor and will prescribe medicine and provide additional services such as travel immunisations if required.

Please read more about the Boarder’s Health Care here.


All pupils whose parents are based abroad must have an English-speaking guardian in the UK who can be responsible for arrangements at the beginning and end of each term (transport to and from school, tickets, passports, visas etc.) and for the care of pupils during half-terms, exeats (guest rooms) and in emergencies.

Ideally, this should be someone local who can take an interest in the pupil’s welfare and life at school and who is prepared to attend parents’ meetings and support school functions such as plays, concerts and sports fixtures.

Suitable guardians can be either a relative or close family friend who is resident in the UK and over the age of 25 or a Professional Guardianship Company.

Whilst we cannot recommend any specific guardian or guardianship company, many of our parents consult The Association for Education and Guardians of International Students (AEGIS) or the Boarding Schools Association (BSA).