Creative & Performing Arts

When you believe in developing the whole child, nurturing their imagination, creativity and spirit are hugely important. Creative and performing arts subjects allow children to develop all sides of their character.

The creative arts at St John’s Beaumont School are integrated throughout our curriculum and co-curricular activity programme from Pre-Prep onwards.

The majority of our students learn a musical instrument and this, together with their love of art and drama, makes for a vibrant culture of creativity.

Your child’s progress will be celebrated in our many assemblies, concerts, plays and exhibitions.


Music plays a very important part in the daily life at St John’s Beaumont.

Students receive weekly class music lessons covering listening, performing and composing. All pupils will have the opportunity to try an instrument – in Years 2 and 3, students learn the violin, recorder, and keyboard, progressing to more advanced topics as they move up through the school.

In addition to their timetabled lesson, pupils can join the Pre-Prep choir, the Jubilate Choir or audition to the Chapel Choir. Many pupils also undertake private music tuition on their chosen instrument and have the opportunity to perform either individually or in ensembles in termly music concerts or in the orchestra.

The Music department aims to inspire a love for music but is also committed to developing musical talent in the school. Pupils interested in pursuing a music scholarship at senior school will be well supported to do so through our Music Scholarship programme and Composition Club.


Drama is taught as part of the school curriculum to all children from Nursery up to Year 8. LAMDA examination classes are also available. At St John’s we regard Drama as an important part of the children’s experience at school – it provides an opportunity for creative expression and the discovery of skills that they did not know they had.

Through drama lessons, the children learn to:

  • Develop social and interpersonal skills
  • Accept constructive criticism
  • Build social skills with other children to complete performances
  • Be more confident about public speaking
  • Boost self-esteem
  • Develop tolerance and empathy

All pupils will be involved in school performances during their time at St John’s; the Nativity in Pre-Prep, Middle School Musical and an Upper School performance.

Art & Design

From Year 3 and above, pupils receive weekly art and design lessons in our beautiful Art Studio, during which they are taught the skills and techniques of drawing, painting and design.

The aims of the Art & Design lessons are:

  • To instill an interest and love for the subject whether practical, historical or theoretical
  • To teach students the methods and techniques involved in a wide range of creative processes
  • To provide students with the opportunities to develop their abilities using various media involved in the creation process

Every pupil has the opportunity to exhibit their work at the Annual Art Exhibition. The Art Clubs are always popular and students are encouraged to attend these after-school activities in order to further their studies and complete additional work for their portfolios, particularly if they are pursuing and art scholarship at senior school.

Music Tuition Form