Friends of St John's

The Friends of St. John’s Beaumont (FSJB) is the parents’ association of the school, and our primary objectives are to bring together the school community and raise funds for the charities chosen by this community.

Throughout the year, events and charitable initiatives embrace the school community, encouraging the pupils and their families to be part of the school’s efforts to improve the lives of others. We like to stress that all the monies raised by FSJB are donated to charities.


The committee is made up of volunteer parents representing year groups throughout the school.  Each member has individual responsibilities, based on previous or current career experience and has represented their year group as a former class parent.  The current members of the Friends of St. John’s Beaumont committee are:

Victoria Kerr Chair
Reena Woolf Treasurer
Tajinder Man Vice-Treasurer
Gemma Beck Charities Liaison
Karen Wells Nearly New Uniform Shop
Navi Brar-Gill Class Rep Liaison
Penny De Lange Merchandising
Carmen Gonçalves Red Chair Project and Merchandising
Lucy Drower Other schools´ Liaison
Zoe Birri Communications
Shabnam Hussain General Support


The NNUS is coordinated by our wonderful volunteer parents. The shop is located at the school and is open weekly on a Friday morning during term time as well as for special one-off sales events.

Read more about the NNUS



Each fundraising initiative encourages pupils and their families to get involved. Mindfulness is a significant part of the school’s pastoral care. Taking the time to support charity events enables pupils to gain awareness of the needs of others and learn how they can take action to help. Termly parent-and-child sports events, school discos and other age-suitable events encourage friendships amongst both students and parents and are supported by events including the bi-annual Christmas Ball, summer fair and the entrepreneurial Red Chair Project which challenges pupils to initiate their own charitable events with surprising and successful results!

Charities are reviewed on an annual basis and, whilst some remain constant, others change yearly. Any family or teacher wishing to nominate a charity to become one of the schools chosen charities can do so via the Friends of St. John’s  Each nomination is discussed with the Headteacher prior to the start of each academic year and charities choices are announced early in each academic year.

Occasionally, the FSJB organises one-off events to collect much-needed food, books or toys for charities who reach out for help.



Jesuit Missions works with poor and marginalised people around the world by promoting social justice, building bridges between communities, and accompanying those working on the missions. Some projects include: raising funds for the work Jesuit Missions are carrying out with Ukrainian refugees, providing a clean water supply for a school in India; translating the New Testament into Wapishana for Amerindian people in Guyana for the first time; and supporting the work of Zambuko House, a refuge for street children in Harare.


Founded by former families of the school, on the Roman Catholic principle of service and helping others, the St. John’s Holidays for Children Trust is a small charity that runs two annual holidays for children with special needs in the Thames Valley Area.  Kids’ Week, as the holidays are known, give parents a break from childcare and the children a week of adventure and exploration. St. John’s Beaumont hosts one of the two-week-long holidays during the Easter break, with pupils and their families invited to get involved and help out.


The main objective of this project is to raise awareness about the causes and consequences of the fact that 58 million children around the world don´t have access to quality education. The red chair represents a space that is left empty by boys and girls who are prevented from accessing education and who are unable to enjoy this basic human right. The project was started in a Jesuit school in northern Spain and then brought to other schools through the Jesuit NGO Entreculturas. Educate Magis, together with Entreculturas, is now sharing this project with Jesuit schools all over the world.

Pupils are able to learn about the importance of quality education to break the cycle of poverty and be aware of the many millions of children around the world who are deprived of their right to education for reasons such as war, poverty or gender. It is a very visually impactful and hands-on project where pupils have been invited to paint red chairs that are now present throughout the school to serve as a reminder of this reality.

They are also invited to take action by working in teams and coming up with different fund-raising projects. The best “business plans” will be selected by a Dragon-Den´s-like jury and will be implemented by pupils in the summer term with the help of the FSJB.


Nominated Charities

We are currently fundraising for St Mary’s Children’s Fund (part of Imperial Health Charity) and the Windsor Homeless Project.


Every year, thousands of seriously ill children from across the UK are treated at St. Mary’s Hospital. From tiny babies to young adults, all patients receive outstanding care and support as soon as they walk through the door. Their expert paediatricians provide a wide range of specialist services for children with one of the strongest services in the Country. They also recognise how a child’s illness affects the whole family and are able to carefully plan care and support around their patients emotional and practical needs.

The St Mary’s Children’s Fund supports these children’s services at St Mary’s Hospital, ensuring that experts can continue to deliver the care that every child deserves. The St. Mary’s Children’s Fund aims to raise enough funds to make their children’s services at St Mary’s Hospital even better. They hope to transform the hospital environment to make sure St Mary’s is welcoming and comfortable for all children and their families and ensure that every paediatric department is equipped to continue delivering the best possible care.

With our help, St Mary’s Children’s Fund will implement several fundraising projects in their pipeline in Children’s Services, including:

  • the redevelopment of the play and therapy room;
  • the art and music therapy programme; and
  • the refurbishment of individual patient rooms.


The project was founded in 2009, as a response to the tragic passing of a local man who had been sleeping rough on a bench in Windsor Town.

Since then, The Windsor Homeless Project has continued to grow. They have worked hard, supporting the homeless and most vulnerable in Windsor to enable them to rebuild their lives. They offer empathy as well as practical support in a non-judgemental and compassionate way. The Windsor Homeless Project is more than just a shelter, providing hot dinners and hot showers, they work together to build a plan, to start the journey towards being housed and fully supported into a sustainable, fulfilling, settled lifestyle.

Funds donated to the project go towards its running costs, supplies of tea, coffee, and stationary, and also to provide essential personal hygiene supplies for those without access to benefits to ensure their dignity is upheld. Mobile phones to ensure they are able to keep in communication with authorities and supporting agencies are also needed and, at times, funds are also required to assist with essential travel for medical appointments to hospitals.

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