Embracing the Jesuit Spirit

At St John’s Beaumont, we embody the Jesuit tradition by placing an emphasis on community spirit among our students, staff, administrators, parents, former students, and benefactors.

As a Jesuit School, we extend our community outreach to collaborate with our local Parish, neighbours, and charitable organisations. This collaborative effort builds relationships beyond our school walls, developing connections that enrich the lives of all involved.

Our vibrant community is further strengthened through the active participation of parents in the Friends of St John’s Beaumont. From regular coffee mornings to termly events and incredible fundraising initiatives, parents play a pivotal role in shaping the school’s life and supporting local causes close to our hearts.

Maintaining strong ties with our alumni, the Old Boys of St John’s, is a source of pride. Their return for events such as rugby fixtures, Remembrance Day lunches, Magis talks or even just a drop-in visit, highlights the lasting impact of our shared experiences.

This commitment to a unified spirit contributes to the enduring sense of belonging that defines the St John’s Beaumont community, making it a truly special and inclusive place for all.