Nursery at St John's

Welcome to St John’s Beaumont Nursery, a magical place where your child can embark on their educational journey within a nurturing and stimulating environment. We offer a vibrant nursery program for children aged 3 to 4, preparing them for a successful school life, developing a lifelong love of learning. 

The Benefits of an Independent School Nursery

  • Small Class Sizes: Our dedicated and experienced teachers provide exceptional care and personalised attention to each child, ensuring their individual needs are met. The ratio of children in our Nursery class is 8:1.
  • Early Exposure to Excellence: Our curriculum focuses on exploration, discovery, and building a strong foundation in literacy, numeracy, and communication skills. St John’s has a dedicated space for our littlest pupils, set across three bright and airy classrooms including a sensory room, a messy and imaginative play area and a structured learning space. Children also share common areas and play spaces with Reception, Year 1 & 2 pupils as well as joining them for weekly assemblies and other activities.
  • Specialist Teachers: Children benefit from specialist instruction in drama, music, swimming and physical education (PE), nurturing their creativity and physical development. There are also options to join co-curricular activity clubs from Rugby to Dance from Nursery.
  • Enriched Curriculum: We offer exciting programs like Forest School, where children connect with nature and develop a sense of adventure, and swimming lessons, building confidence and water safety skills.

Unparalleled Extras at St John’s Beaumont

  • Forest School: Our unique forest school program allows children to explore the wonders of the natural world, fostering a love for the outdoors and encouraging imaginative play. These experiences also allow children as young as 3 the opportunity to take supported risks appropriate to the environment and themselves, building resilience and confidence.
  • Swimming Lessons: Qualified instructors guide children through our on-site pool, promoting water safety and building lifelong skills. Swimming is not only an important life skill, it is great fun and has a myriad of health and wellness benefits. Lessons are conducted by our Head of Swimming and Assistant Swimming teacher with the aim of building confidence and enjoyment in the water. As children grow in confidence and skill level, they will have more opportunities to swim with Swim Squads being introduced by Year 1 & 2.
  • Wrap-around Care: We offer flexible wrap-around care options, ensuring your child receives exceptional support before and after school hours. Family logistics are paramount when your child reaches school age. For busy working parents, we offer early morning drop-off as early as 7:30am and flexible pick-up options. If you require care until 6pm, your child can have supper at school so there’s nothing more to do except catch up on the adventures of the day, bath and bed!

15 Free Hours of Childcare

We are proud to offer the government-funded 15 hours free childcare scheme for eligible families. This allows your child to experience the enriching environment of our nursery from the term following your child’s third birthday until the term of their fifth birthday. Additionally, you may use the Tax Free Childcare or Childcare Vouchers for fees if you are eligible.


When can my child start at St John's?

At St John’s we accept children into our Nursery class from September following their third birthday. If we have places available, and your child is ready, we can accept children in the term that they turn three, they then continue to do a full academic year of nursery before progressing to Reception the September following their fourth birthday.

What does 'Nursery ready' mean?

St John’s offers fulltime, term-time only Nursery. Your child should be ready to spend a full day at school, should no longer require a daytime nap and be fully toilet trained. Before they commence, it is also a good idea to practice tasks like putting their own shoes and coat on and eating with a knife and fork which will give them confidence for a smooth transition into St John’s.

Do parents get regular updates?

Of course! Our wonderful staff are always available to speak with you, particularly in the early days.

At the beginning of each term, parents receive the Nursery timetable as well as the children’s yellow reading book which is a great way to regularly communicate with their teacher. We also have termly parent evenings and other events such as assemblies and concerts which you are warmly invited to attend. School progress reports and an overview of the curriculum are available through the Parent Portal each term.

Unlike many day nurseries, we do not have a live app with daily updates with your child’s personal activities and developments but you will be able to see and speak with our teachers every morning and afternoon at drop-off and pick-up.

St John’s shares regular photos and updates through our social media channels, Flickr albums and weekly newsletters.

Ready to Learn More?

We invite you to explore our wonderful nursery and meet our passionate team. Contact us today to schedule a visit and discover how St John’s Beaumont Nursery can nurture your child.

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