This Half-Term in Art & Design

In Art and DT this term, our HPL focus has been on Empathy and Creating.

In DT year Upper Elements and Lower Figures have been working in a team with a ‘project manager’ to design, plan and create a skatepark model. While Upper Figures and Rudiments have the challenge of creating a jacket out of newspaper.

Working as a team is a skill that requires empathy. Students have learned how to collaborate with one another, have the confidence to share their ideas and teamwork to bring these together to create something unique. The teams have blown me away with their leadership, their support of one another, negotiation skills and truly shown empathy during this task, with amazing results!

In Art we have been studying artists that have demonstrated originality and flexible thinking in their creative pioneering. Bellarmine and Lower Elements have been studying Picasso and Cubism. Students have explored portraiture using cubist elements, sculpture and clay slab masks.

Upper Elements and Lower Figures studied Van Gogh and Post Impressionism. We experimented with his application of paint and made Van Gogh themed self- portraits.

Upper Figures and Rudiments studied Fauvism and Matisse. The short-lived movement of Fauvism with its bold, vibrant colours was a brave movement for its revolutionary thinking. Students harnessed these themes and creating amazing self-portraits!