The Bellarmine Poetry recital was like something out of a West End show.  Boys of all personalities worked together, for weeks and weeks, to independently recite a poem to a large audience.

Bellarmine took ‘reciting’ to new levels and showcased wonder!  Collaborating with our peers, parents and teachers allowed us to show that Miss Carver’s motto ‘teamwork’ really makes the dream work.  The day was a dream, the buildup not so much.  Learning a poem, gaining confidence and becoming eloquent took a lot of practice and hard work.  We also had to learn to make mistakes and pick ourselves back up. Most of all, we learnt that no matter what you do – if you do it your best and do it with a smile it is always more than enough!

We would like to thank our peers for supporting us, our parents for guiding us and Mr Grant, Mr Hill and Miss Carver for making this all possible. Also, congratulations to all of the Bellarmine boys, especially the winners

By: Joaquin and Neal