On the 12th of June, 16 smart St John’s Beaumont boys and one special girl made their very First Holy Communion.  It was the most memorable Sunday morning, filled with family, friends, faith and fun.

The year was very inspirational, interesting and active. We learnt about mass, spoke about God and read a lot of stories from the Bible. We were very lucky to have Miss Carver and Mrs Katnik to lead and guide us through this faithful journey and are thankful for their love, care and guidance.

In our First Holy Communion, we shared in the practice for our first time; taking the bread and wine.  It was a joyful experience in which we learned more about what Jesus did during his life.  Our rehearsals were exciting and exhausting but brought us together and we made our own family in Christ.  The First Holy Communion was even more special as while we all made our First Confession too, some boys were baptized and accepted into the Catholic Church.  Double the celebrations, double the love and excitement.  We were proud of each other and the experience made us value our lives and the lives of those around us.  We are all disciples of Christ and the 17 of us are eager to take our discipleship to the next level, engaging in the mass in an active and special way.

We are sad that our lessons are over and if we could, we would do it all over again.  The fun activities made us more aware of the Bible and the Mass.  Everyone that was part of the Communion was told of the importance and significance of becoming closer to God.  One of the best lessons we learnt was to follow traditional footsteps, in a modern way, to bring out the best in ourselves, in others and to become closer to God.

Father Porter was helpful and supportive all the way.  On the actual day a lot of teachers, headmaster, friends and relatives came to celebrate with us; this made the day even more special to us.  We were all ambassadors for St. John’s Beaumont and were honoured to complete our First Holy Communion in our own school.  Filled with pride, we let our balloons up into the air and all made 3 cheers to celebrate the day.

We can collectively say, that making your First Holy Communion is like nothing else and doing it here at St. John’s Beaumont with your friends, teachers and families makes something valuable and memorable extra special.

Wishing the best of luck to next years’ Holy Communion boys and we ask that you keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we eagerly make our second, third, fourth Holy Communion as we attend weekly masses with our families now.

Written by Timur Filyk