The ever-resourceful Geography department planned an educational and fun day for the Year 8 boys right here at St John’s Beaumont.

Read the following account from Dylan C and Faisal F;

“On Friday the 11th of September, the year 8’s set out for their Fieldwork day. Mr Williams and Mr Hutchinson-Lawson didn’t let COVID get in the way of us doing a practical day and with their hard work and determination they came up with a genius idea, to let it happen right here in our palatial school! With all the stuff going on, it’s essential to find safe ways to keep us busy and having fun and that is exactly what the Geography department did.

The morning saw various geography groups setting off to carry out field and microclimate work in and around the school grounds. 

We carried out our investigations on microclimates and aspects. To do so, we used an electric anemometer and a compass. The compass gave us information on which way various buildings were facing and the anemometer told us the wind speed and the temperature of our surroundings. We also looked at the factors of shade in our rural area.

We noted descriptions of our surroundings and worked together as a team to measure the microclimates at different sites around the school. 

After we finished gathering all the information, we went to the front field for a social time around fires. Each group worked together to build their own fire and we had a pizza feast to cap off a great day.” 

Thank you Faisal & Dylan for your fabulous write-up!