As part of an assembly on gratitude and generosity the Headmaster spoke to the boys about making the most of their opportunities and creating a positive impact on the lives of others.  As part of the assembly one boy at random was chosen to be the recipient of a £10 note.  He could choose to accept this gift on the condition that he returned in September to speak to the School in assembly about how he chose to spend it.

Noah (Year 5) was the fortunate recipient of this and chose, rather than to spend it on himself, which he was very welcome to do, to try and increase the value of the money and help other people as a result.

Noah decided after careful consideration and many calculations that the best way to make profit was to purchase packets of cookie mix and he duly visited Sainsbury to purchase 9 packets.  He then made these into 72 cookies and showed both the confidence and presence of mind to visit houses in his local neighbourhood, the residents of which he did not always know personally, and attempt to sell these cookies.  He explained who he was and what he was trying to achieve – namely to raise money for his school charity.

He successfully sold all of these cookies and made a profit of £40.  He decided to add to this his original £10 and subsequently has donated the sum of £50 to Jesuit Missions.  This profit will enable at least 4 students in Zimbabwe to attend school for a whole year.

This is one of many examples of unselfish dedication that our boys show and we are extremely proud of Noah’s empathy, action and generosity.