On Monday 12th September, the Rudiments boys set off to Osmington Bay, where we were staying for three days on a PGL site.  As soon as we arrived we went off into groups to do quad biking and a giant swing which was great fun.  That evening we had a delicious choice of supper, followed by some tiring after dinner games on the “Wembley square” before we went to bed.

On the second day, which was the key day, we went on the coach and travelled to the river Wey. We learned about rivers, what features a “textbook” river had and if the river Wey was like a “textbook” river. We went to various points in the river, seeing the source, the body, and the mouth (and no-one fell in!)

We were told to expect nice weather, instead we experienced two thunderstorms, which weren’t that pleasant and unfortunately we had to cut our visit to some sites short.

On the last day we went to rock pools at PGL to explore them and what lived there.  We found numerous things consisting of a Hermit crab – only one had ever been found before us! We also found a crab the size of a fist and a couple shrimps.

It was a really nice way to get to know the new boys in Ruds.

I’d like to thank all of the teachers especially Mr Hutchinson Lawson for organising and coming along with us on the trip.

Written by Dominic Tatham