It was a sunny day when we set off for St Piran’s.  The team was myself, Callum, Leo, Michael, Ian, Samuel and Julian, we were all excited.  Packed in the bus with Mr Gravett, Mr Clements, some bikes and our other equipment, we chatted about tactics and wanting to win.

Upon arrival, we got our equipment ready for the transitions.  Our towels, shorts and trainers were positioned outside the pool ready for a quick change.  Our bikes and helmets were in position for a speedy getaway.

It started with a swim relay.  We each had 6 lengths and were lucky to have a really strong swimming squad which despite three 5 second penalties meant we got out first.  Then a quick change (thank you Mr Gravett for the speed laces) and a sprint to our bikes.

The 2.5km cross country ride was fun.  There were two points when we had to jump off our bikes and push them across the road.  My legs were stinging but I was determined to be the first runner out.  We managed to shout encouragement to each other.

Next was the 1.5 km run.  I knew we were doing well – there were still boys on their bikes.  The run was difficult, our legs were tired but we are SJB boys and were very determined.  We shouted to each other “nearly there….”.

At the final corner, I was pleased with Mr Gravett and Mr Clements at the finish cheering.  Then I was over the line and given the number 1 ticket!  But it wasn’t over yet……we all cheered on the team.  Samuel sprinted and came in 3rd closely followed by Leo in 4th and Callum in 8th – it was a team event and the first five were to be allocated points.  “Come on Callum!” we called, knowing we needed his points.  was a tense time waiting to see the next SJB boys.  Ian was 20th and Michael 21st.  We hoped we had done enough.  Ian’s 20th place proved to be vital.

The individual medals were given out first.  I took gold and Samuel bronze.  We were so chuffed.  We thought we had taken team silver and were stunned to hear another school’s name announced as second.  That could only mean one thing…… Gold for team SJB!  Cheers all around, we were so thrilled.

Thank you to Mr Gravett and Mr Clements – it was great fun and I hope we did the school proud.

By Zachary